86.- 10 ways to say important in English



1. Vital 

Meaning: something that is really important

We can also use them together – it’s vital importance or it’s vitally important.


It’s vital that you get the information back to the commander.

This report is vital, it’s really important to give it to the customer before tomorrow’s meeting.



2. Crucial

Meaning: something important that will make the difference between success and failure

Vital and crucial have similar uses, but crucial means absolutely urgent, something that has to be said, something that has to be given, something that has to be resolved.


It’s crucial that I contact him as soon as possible because there’s some information I need to give him.

The new drug was crucial to his speedy recovery.

In times of a pandemic, it’s crucial to understand how the virus is evolving.



3. Key

Meaning: something that is quite significant and important, something that will literally unlock the puzzle


The police are looking for key witnesses who last saw the missing person.

A key part of our plans was to launch our new product before the festive season started. 

This is the key message that you want to get across in your presentation, don’t worry about the other smaller points.



4. Major

Meaning: something that is really important, something big


This was a major account for us to win. 

Due to the major roadworks on Bridge street, the traffic is backed up for a couple of kilometres. 



5. Fundamental

Meaning: something that is really really important because without it nothing will operate


It’s a fundamental importance to this project that everybody understands where we are, and what we’re trying to achieve.

It’s fundamental that we give our customers the best experience possible.



6. At Stake

Meaning: something that is at risk, something important that is likely to be lost


There is a lot at stake. If I don’t get this new account, I won’t be able to pay my bills.

There is a lot at stake in this game. If we win, we have a chance to get to the play-offs.



7. A Matter Of Life And Death

Meaning: something major, something really really serious


It is a matter of life and death to develop a workable vaccine to put an end to this pandemic.



8. High On The List

Meaning: something high on the list of your priorities, something of major importance


The agreement between the British and the European counterparts over Brexit was high on the list.

It’s high on the list for children what they’re going to get from Santa Claus. 



9. To Mean The World To Someone

Meaning: (old-fashioned) something or somebody is of vital importance to you


It will mean the world to her if you give her a call.

It will mean the world to your mother if you go and see her.



10. Dear To Someone’s Heart

Meaning: (old-fashioned) something important that you cherish


Our childhood memories are very dear to our hearts.

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