39.-To know, meet, can. Saber, conocer 3. C1

To know, meet, can. Saber, conocer 3. C1

1.- Do you know how to fix a computer?

2.-When I met Jorge, I didn´t know he had a wife.

3.- Not only does he have a wife, but 3 children as well.Didn´t you know?

4.- Now that I´ve learnt I´m really disappointed.

5.- How so?

6.- Well, learning it has been a low blow.

7.- Can you expand on it?

8.- When I met him, all I knew was that I´d end up falling in love with him.

*Por favor … no digas “una esposa”… en español :

a wife= one wife. Nevertheless… No obstante, en español suena mejor “estar casado” que decir ,,, “tiene esposa/ mujer”


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