145.- Christmas phrasal verbs.

Look Forward To

Meaning: to wait for something with pleasure

Are you looking forward to the holiday season or are you feeling a little grinch-like?



Hang Up

Meaning: to fix something or secure something somewhere from the top of the object

Last year we had a large tree, the whole family was helping my father to dress the tree and hang up decorations.



Put Up

Meaning: to place something somewhere in an upright position so everybody can see it

When do you usually put your Christmas tree up?



Build Up

Meaning: to increase gradually

The excitement builds up in anticipation of the holiday season ahead.



Dress Up

Meaning: to put on clothes that are more formal than you usually wear or to put on a special costume that makes you look like someone/something else

Last Christmas we dressed up our baby son in a Buddy the Elf costume. 



Come Down

Meaning: to descend from a higher level

Father Christmas doesn’t go through the door, he comes down the chimney on Christmas eve.



Sing Along

Meaning: to sing a song with someone who is already singing

We have the radio on and we are singing along the Christmas songs.



Meet Up

Meaning: to meet with somebody in order to do something

We should meet up before Christmas.



Give Out

Meaning: to distribute something among a group of people

Santa was about to head off on his sleigh to give out presents on Christmas Eve.



Give Up

Meaning: to stop doing something, to quit, for example, a bad habit

Are you going to give up smoking in the new year?



Wrap Up

Meaning: to cover something completely by putting paper or other material around it

Many people love wrapping up Christmas presents in a pretty way.



End Up

Meaning: to reach a particular place or situation, often somewhere you don’t intend to be

Later we went out to see the City lit up by the Christmas lights and it was not long before we ended up in a nightclub.



Go Out

Meaning: take part in a social activity outside the home

People are more likely to go out before Christmas.



Bump Into

Meaning: to meet someone by chance

Last Saturday I bumped into my college friend when I was doing my Christmas shopping.



Put Off

Meaning: to delay, to postpone

Let’s be honest, we all put off buying presents until the last minute.



Take Down

Meaning: to remove something that was previously put up

It is considered unlucky to take down your decorations before the 12th day of Christmas.

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