14.- Whatever. C1.

Whatever. C1.

Whatever can be a pronoun, a determiner, or an adverb.

  •  Used as a pronoun or determiner

You use whatever as a pronoun or determiner to refer to anything or everything of a particular kind.

1.1. Anything that… todo lo que,,,, lo que….cualquier(a)

I read whatever I could find about the course.

Leí todo lo que encontré sobre el curso

You can buy whatever ingredients you need from the market.

Cualquier ingrediente que necesites, lo encuentras en el mercado

We’ll do whatever’s necessary. Haremos (todo) lo que sea necesario

 (= anything that) lo que  (= everything that) todo lo que  

Whatever you like = lo que quieras

Do whatever you want::: Haz lo que quieras

we’ll do whatever’s necessary haremos lo que haga falta

Whatever you say (acquiescing) Bueno… lo que tú quieras/Como tú digas ¡! 

“I tell you I’m ill” – “whatever you say” (iro) -Digas lo que digas, te digo que estoy enfermo -sí, sí or -sí,

Whatever I have is yours,, Todo lo que tengo es tuyo

whatever you find. Todo lo que / Cualquier cosa que / encuentres
Or whatever they’re called o como quiera  que se llamen.

1.2. No matter what

You can also use whatever to say that something is true in all possible circumstances. 

Whatever it costs,,, get it ¡!

Cueste lo que cueste… cómpralo ¡

Whatever happens, I’ll be back by five. Pase lo que pase, estaré de vuelta antes de las 5.

Whatever type of garden you have, you can have fun growing your own vegetables. Independientemente del/Sea cual sea el/ jardín que tengas, te lo puedes pasar muy bien cultivando tus propias verduras y vegetales.

Whatever you like… Todo lo que quieras… Lo que tú quieras…

whatever it may be.  Sea lo que sea

whatever the weather haga el tiempo que haga

1.3. . (in questions) Pero….qué. ¿?

whatever do you mean? ¿Pero qué quieres decir?
whatever did you do? ¿pero qué /hiciste/ has hecho?
whatever did you say that for? ¿a santo de qué has dicho eso?


  1. Used as an adverb

You use whatever after nothing or after a noun phrase beginning with no to emphasize that there is nothing of a particular kind.

He knew nothing whatever about it.

There is no scientific evidence whatever to support this view.

  1. ADV (with negative). En absoluto
    nothing whatever Nada en absoluto
    it’s no use whatever no sirve para nada 

he said nothing whatever of interest no dija nada en absoluto que tuviera/fuera de/  interés 

  1. used in questions

Whatever is sometimes used in questions to express surprise.

Whatever is the matter?

Whatever do you want to go up there for?

However, many people consider this form to be incorrect, and it is better to write what ever as two separate words.

What ever does it mean?

  1. Used as an informal response

In informal conversation, people sometimes use whatever as a response, to show that they do not care or have no opinion about something. This use can sound rude.

‘Shall we get a pizza tonight?’ – ‘Whatever. I don’t mind.’

‘You really should try to be more organized with your schoolwork.’ – ‘Yeah, whatever.’

  1. Used as an adjective
  1. (= any) cualquier; (= all) todo
    whatever book you choose cualquier libro que elijas
    whatever books you choose cualquier libro de los que elijas
    give me whatever change you’ve got:: dame  todo el cambio que tengas 
  2. (= no matter what) whatever problems you’ve got, we’ll help nosotros te ayudaresmos, tengas el problema que tengas 
  3. (in questions) qué
    Whatever time is it? ¿qué hora podrá ser? ¿qué hora será?
    Whatever help will that be? ¿y eso para qué va a servir? 
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