82. TAKE ON.B2

= to accept additional responsibility

To accept additional work or responsibility for a

task or job.

, wanted to make a good impression so I took on

two new projects at work.


= to add; to acquire=to hire

To add, acquire, bring in or introduce.

Stores take on extra employees during Christmas.

Many students take on a lot of debt while they are

studying at university.


= to fight or compete against

It To attempt to fight or compete against someone.

Even though we are a little company- I know we can

take on the big ones.


= to begin to have the appearance of

To begin to have a characte ristic, appearance or

q uality of something e lse.

Her voice took on a more serious tone with the kids.


. Asumir más responsabilidades.

¿Quieres asumir más responsabilidades?
Do you want to take on more responsabilities?

Estoy cansadísimo. No puedo asumir más responsabilidad en el trabajo.
I´m burned out. I can´t take on more responsabilities at work.

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