SOLUCIONES 38:Inversions- Not only 1 C1


Inversions- Not only 1 C1


1.- Not only did the boss back you up at the meeting, but he also stood up for you.

El jefe no sólo te apoyó en la reunión, sino que además te defendió.


2.- Not only do I want no excuses but I demand a better performance next time.

No sólo no voy a admitir ninguna excusa, sino que además exijo un mejor rendimiento la próxima vez


3.- Not only did she point out the poor service but she also made a formal complaint.


4.- Not only was Bob in love with Mary, but he also proposed.


5.- Not only is he a conoiseur when it comes to wine and food, but he also writes in a spesialized cousine magazine.

No sólo es un experto cuando se trata de vinos y comida, sino que también escribe en una revista especializada en alta cocina.


6.- Not only is he well-known but rich as well.







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