4.- Acordarse de 1

Acordarse de 1.       Do you remember your last holidays ?     Does Peter remember her last girlfriend?     My mother remembers quite well my grandma´s recipe of paella.     Does your father remember his last wedding anniversary party?     Does Peter always remember to turn off his...

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3.- Going to 2

Going to 2   Are they going to visit Segovia?     Her brother is going to talk to our teacher.     Their mother is going to buy them a car.     When are you going to hand in your composition?     Is your father going to complain about it?     When are we going to get to/arrive in/...

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2.- Going to 1

Going to 1   What are you going to do tomorrow?     I´m going to see my mother.     I´m going to the hairdressers´     Are you going to see her tomorrow?     Are you going to call him tomorrow?     Are they going to make a decision?      

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1. Habrá 1

Habrá 1     There will be an answer   When will there be another meeting on this?   Is there going to be another party like the last one?   Don´t worry. there´ll be someone waiting for you at the airport.   There are quite a few people here, but there´ll be more people tomorrow.   There´ll be quite a few people at the party.   There´ll be plenty of time to do it   VER...

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