99.- Phrasal Verbs about Crime and Scam.

Phrasal Verbs about Crime and Scam



  1. To Prey On/Upon

Meaning: to take advantage of somebody, to take advantage of the neediest in society




The scammers preyed on the need of the German government to purchase protective masks for their population. Thankfully, they didn’t get away with the money.


to prey on the lonely

to prey on elderly people




Scammers who preyed on the elderly were jailed for 6 years.



  1. To Rip Off

Meaning: to charge someone significantly more than the value of the product that you’re offering or selling




The face value of the tickets was 50 euro, and we got them for 300 euro. We’ve been completely ripped off, they don’t have that value.


I paid my money, but the service was terrible. I have been ripped off.


We can also use it as a noun – A RIP-OFF


Wow, that was a ripoff.




  1. To Fall For Something

Meaning: to be conned, to be tricked into believing something false




She felt so guilty and foolish that she fell for their tricks and transferred money to them.


Don’t fall for that trick. A lot of people have been caught out.


Of course, we can also use it in a nice way


To Fall For Someone

Meaning: to be very attracted to someone



  1. To Take In

To Be Taken In By Someone

Meaning: to persuade someone against their judgement to part with their money




I was almost taken in by that scam last week. Just finally, at the last minute, there was something I had a good feeling that told me I shouldn’t. So I deleted it.



  1. To Hand Over

Meaning: to give something to somebody, usually cash or personal details




The man handed over cash after he was confronted by a mugger.




  1. To Get Away With Something

Meaning: to escape, to avoid punishment




Scammers managed to get away with millions of euro, using a very sophisticated scam.


We cannot let them get away with this. We have to stop them.



  1. To Watch Out

Meaning: to keep your eyes open for possible dangers, to stay vigilant




Watch out for people trying to be your bank or pretending to be your bank. Never, ever give your bank details.


And then finally, when we’re dealing with scams


  1. To Find Out

Meaning: to discover some facts or information




Six months later he found out that he was scammed, but he was too embarrassed to complain to the police.

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