90.- Other Ways To Say Funny In English

1. Amusing

Meaning: amusing is funny, but not something that is side-splitting, not the best joke you’ve ever heard, or the funniest story you’ve ever read


He found the story amusing and would occasionally break into laughter.

Overall, I found the book amusing and fun; definitely worthwhile picking up.


2. Hilarious

Meaning: this is really really funny; a little bit higher level than amusing


I found the joke hilarious and wanted to share it with everybody.

The story Adam told us was hilarious.

The first movie was hilarious, and I couldn’t wait to see the second one.


3. Witty

Meaning: witty is funny but in a smart or clever way; you might laugh


I love his witty remarks, but they are not always kind.

Somebody clever and smart with words would be described as witty.

The next word is

4. Comical

Meaning: quite funny and amusing


If you get stuck in an elevator with your boss, the situation could be quite comical.

I kept reading and found that the story was comical right to the end.


5.  Humorous

Meaning: quite funny, a bit like comical


Come here I’ll tell you a funny story. I’m sure you’ll find it humorous.

The photographer captured the humorous looks between me and two of my best male friends on the table next to us.


6. Wacky

Meaning:  funny, but on the odd side of funny; it’s not the same as everybody


The faces Jim Carrey makes in “The Mask” are really wacky.


7. Droll

Meaning: witty, unusual, mildly funny, but a little bit strange

Someone with a dry sense of humour.


Adam has a dry sense of humour and often makes droll remarks with a quiet smile.

The running commentary was informative and amusingly droll.


8. Sidesplitting

Meaning: literally I split my sides laughing; really funny, you can’t stop laughing


Honestly, his show was sidesplitting. I think I went to bed still laughing.

Another expression we often hear when we talk about something amusing or something funny is

9. I Burst Out Laughing

Meaning: you just can’t stop yourself and suddenly start laughing


The situation was comical and I tried hard to keep a straight face and not to burst out laughing.


10. It Cracks Me Up

Or it cracked me up. This is an expression you hear in British English all the time.

Meaning: something or somebody that makes you laugh a lot


I love ‘Only Fools and Horses’, these guys really crack me up. If you watch the programme, they’ll probably crack you up as well.

So these are some different ways to say funny in English. So now you can improve your vocabulary, and you don’t have to use the same word all the time.







Now, in itself, ‘entertaining’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s funny. There are lots of things in life that are entertaining, but they’re not necessarily funny.

You can go to the movies and it can be entertaining but it might be a thriller or it could be a love story, so it’s not really funny.

Or you could go to the circus and the clowns can be funny but the rest of the show can be just entertaining.

It is a synonym that people use when they’re talking about ‘funny’.

Funny is entertaining.

But everything entertaining isn’t necessarily funny.

So you have to distinguish between both funny and entertaining.

If you’re listening to a comedy show, I’m sure you’ll find it very very entertaining and hopefully you will laugh. Particularly if there are new comics with new stories.*

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