88.- ‘Fun’ and ‘funny’. Profesor

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Today’s mini lesson is about two easily confused words – ‘fun’ and ‘funny’.

Fun = I enjoy myself

  • That was a really fun evening (I enjoyed the evening).
  • It was fun at your place (I had a good time).
  • The party was fun (the party was enjoyable).

Funny = 1) it makes me laugh, it’s a good joke 2) it’s a bit strange or weird

  • He’s funny (= he tells good jokes and people laugh).
  • That was a funny show (= the show made us laugh).
  • The weather is funny today (= the weather is strange).

We don’t usually say ‘the party was funny’, or ‘it was a funny day’. Usually, we mean that we enjoyed ourselves, so we say ‘the party was fun’ or ‘it was a fun day’.

Let’s review! Change the sentence so that it includes ‘fun’ or ‘funny’.

  • The party was enjoyable => The party was fun.

  1. The film made me laugh.


  1. The holiday was enjoyable.


  1. David makes me laugh. ____________________________________________________________________


  1. The film was funny.
  2. The holiday was fun.
  3. David is funny.


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