83. Hold your horses. C1.

Hold your horses


Hold on your horses! We aren´t ready to leave yet!


Meaning: Wait. This expression is a command that tells someone to stop doing something or to wait for a moment.


Hold your horses may also be used to tell someone to think more carefully about what they are doing – to consider their actions before making a rushed decision. You can also use this expression to tell someone to be more patient.



When could you use this idiom?

· You are telling a child to be patient as they get ready for an exciting trip.
· A colleague is making an important decision without giving it enough thought or consideration.
· Somebody is trying to push in front of you in a queue.
· Your friend is getting ready to leave a restaurant before you have even finished your dessert!



· “Don’t call a taxi yet – hold your horses! We haven’t even finished packing!”



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