7. Reported Speech 7 

Reported Speech 7



  1. Ann: ‘ Where does your brother park his car? ‘. Ann asked me where my brother  —————-his car.

    2. He said: ‘ I won’t go’. He said he —————.

    3. She said: ‘ I was in New York last year ‘. She said she ——————  in New York the year before.

    4. Annette said: ‘ I was cooking ‘. Annette said she ————————-.

    5. He said: ‘ I’m going to watch a film this week ‘. He said he——————– to watch a film that week.

    6. Tim said: ‘ I have been to Paris ‘. Tim said he ———————   to Paris.

    7. He said: ‘ I will be staying at a hotel in France ‘. He said he——————–at a hotel in France.

    8. She said: ‘ I was eating dinner ‘. She said she————————– dinner.

    9. Eva said: ‘ I had taken Spanish lessons before ‘. Eva said she ———————- Spanish lessons before.

    10. She said:’ I’ve been doing this for three years’. She said she ————————-that for three years.

    11. He said:’ I will have been studying English for 4 years by 2014.’ He said he ——————-for 4 years by 2014.

    12. Rick said: ‘I will be rich one day’. Rick said he———————- rich one day.

    13. He said:’ My parents are English teachers’. He said his parents —————— English teachers.

    14. She asked me: ‘ Did you see that film last month?’. She asked me if I ——————- that film the month before.

    15. Olga said:’ I don’t like soups’. Olga said she—————————soups.


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