Dictado: Adverbios de frecuencia .A1 (profesores)

1. I never have tea for breakfast, I always have coffee.
2. I sometimes read in bed when there is nothing on TV.
3. I rarely use public transport because I drive to work every day.
4. I don’t normally have paella on Sundays. I like paella, but I don’t eat it often.
5. I don’t work on Sundays so I never get up before 8 o’clock. I hate getting up early!
6. Do I go to the cinema on Fridays? Well, I do sometimes. I only go when the film is good. It’s expensive to go to the cinema these days.
7. I never leave home before 9 on Monday mornings because I work at home in the morning and I teach in the afternoon on Monday.
8. I usually celebrate my birthday with my family, but this year I’m celebrating it with my family and my friends. I’m having a party!



1. He has tea for breakfast. 
2. He never reads in bed. 
3. He hardly ever uses public transport. 
4. He doesn’t usually eat paella on Sundays. 
5. On Sundays, he almost always gets up before 8 o’clock. 
6. He sometimes goes to the cinema on Fridays. 
7. On Mondays, he never leaves home before 9. 
8. He usually celebrates his birthday with friends not with his family. 


1. falso (he has coffee)
2. falso (sometimes)
3. verdadero (rarely=hardly ever)
4. verdadero (normally=usually / not normally=not usually)
5. falso (never)
6. verdadero
7. verdadero
8. falso (usually with his family)

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