64.- Find Someone Who…… (Present Perfect Tense Review)

Find Someone Who…… (Present Perfect Tense Review)

Interview your classmates. Use the words provided below to ask questions with the present perfect tense. Write the name of the classmate who gives you a “yes” answer. Then follow-up with another question using the simple past tense.

Ex. ( ever/ see/ the Eiffel Tower) Walk around the class and find someone who has seen the Eiffel Tower.
Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower? Yes, I have. Mary
When did you see it? I saw it two years ago.

1. (move/ to a new house or apartment/ recently) _________________________________
2. (ever/ have/ a pet bird) _________________________________
3. (receive/ a gift/ in the past week) _________________________________
4. (read/ a good book/ this month) _________________________________
5. (ever/ go to a hospital/ in an ambulance) _________________________________
6. (ever/ have your name/ in the newspaper) _________________________________
7. (ever/ win/ money/ in a lottery) _________________________________
8. (ever/sleep/ in a tent) _________________________________
9. (ever/ meet/ a famous person) _________________________________
10. (ever/ see/ a ghost) _________________________________
11. (ever/ lose/ your wallet) _________________________________
12. (have/ a cold/ this month) _________________________________
13. (ever/ swim/ in the ocean) _________________________________
14. (wear/ glasses/ for more than ten years) _________________________________
15. (ever/ go fishing) _________________________________
16. (live/in this city/ for more than five years) _________________________________

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