63.- Present Perfect Tense Vs. Simple Past Tense (2)

Present Perfect Tense Vs. Simple Past Tense (2)

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb provided, simple past or present perfect.

1. We _______________________(move) to Vancouver last April. We _______________________(live) there for six months now.

2. I _______________________ (go) to every hockey game this season. I _______________________ (go) to the game last night with my brother.

3. I ____________________ (lose) my house key last week and I still ______________________ (not/find) it.

4. When _______________________ you _______________________(quit) smoking?

I _______________________(not/smoke) for over five years now and I will never smoke again.

5. Nora _______________________ (buy) a lot of souvenirs yesterday. She _______________________ never _______________________ (buy) this many souvenirs on a vacation before.

6. “Would you like another cup of coffee?”
“No thanks. I _______________________ already _______________________ (have) three cups.

7. Frank _______________________(work) for ABC Electric from 1990 to 2002. Now he owns his own business. He _______________________(have) it for six years.

8. Grandma _______________________(fall) and _______________________(break) her hip last week. She _______________________ (be) in the hospital since then.

9. My former teacher _______________________(be) Mr. Blair. My present teacher is Mrs. Carter. I _______________________ (be) in her class for three months now.

10. In my whole life, I _______________________ never _______________________(meet) a famous person, but my brother ____________________ (speak) to three famous actors when he was in Hollywood last year.

11. Last year we _______________________(drive) through three Canadian provinces. Now we are traveling in Europe. We ____________________ already ____________________ (drive) through eight countries.

12. This French course _______________________ (start) three months ago. We _______________________ already _______________________ (learn) several verb tenses and thousands of new words.

13. Mr. Barnes _______________________(die) last year. Mrs. Barnes _______________________(move) into her daughter’s house shortly after that and _______________________ (be) there since then.

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