62.- Present Perfect Tense Vs. Simple Past Tens

Present Perfect Tense Vs. Simple Past Tense

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb provided, simple past or present perfect.

1. _______________________ you _____________________ to your boyfriend yet? (write) Yes, I _____________________. I _____________________ to him last week.

2. _____________________ your parents _____________________ a new car yet? (buy) Yes, they _____________________. They _____________________ one last month.

3. _____________________ Ellen _____________________ her new dress yet? (wear) Yes, she _____________________. She _____________________ it last night.

4. _____________________ you _____________________ your car keys yet? (find)
Yes, I _____________________. I _____________________ them on the shelf in the kitchen.

5. _____________________ the children _____________________ to bed yet? (go)
Yes, they _____________________. They _____________________ to bed an hour ago.

6. _____________________ Mrs. Stewart _____________________ the doctor yet? (see) Yes, she _____________________. She _____________________ him yesterday.

7. _____________________ the president _____________________ to the reporters yet? (speak) Yes, he _____________________. He _____________________ to them a few minutes ago.

8. _____________________ your soccer team _____________________ a game yet? (lose)

Yes, we _____________________. We _____________________ the game last Saturday.

9. _____________________ Sam _____________________ a Spanish course yet? (take) Yes, he _____________________. He _____________________ one last semester.

10. _____________________ you _____________________ your new neighbors yet? (meet) Yes, I _____________________. I _____________________ them last week.

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