60.- The get passive exercise. 1. C1.

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The get passive exercise. 1. C1.


Change the active sentence


1st to formal passive with to be

and second with to ‘get’ colloquial, informal. We don’t need ‘by’ here.



  1. Somebody lost my bag.


  1. Somebody is stealing that bike!
  2. Somebody often washes the car.
  3. Somebody hit the gangster.
  4. Somebody broke the window.
  5. Somebody dropped the base.
  6. Somebody always forgets the report.
  7. Somebody turned off the washing machine.
  8. Somebody stopped the music.
  9. Somebody feeds the dog in the morning.
  10. Somebody stopped her at a traffic light.
  11. Somebody ate all the cake.
  12. Somebody left James behind.
  13. Somebody collected the children.
  14. Someone is repairing the computer.
  15. Someone is making the coffee.
  16. Someone damaged his car.
  17. Someone fired her.
  18. Someone yells at them.
  19. Someone sent the children to bed.



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