60.- The get passive exercise. 1. C1. Profesor.

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The get passive exercise. 1. C1.Profesor.


Change the active sentence


1st to formal passive with to be

and second with to ‘get’ colloquial, informal. We don’t need ‘by’ here.




  1. Somebody lost my bag 1.1. My bag was lost 1.2 My bag got lost
  2. Somebody is stealing that bike! 2.1-That bike is being stolen! 2.2. That bike is getting stolen
  3. Somebody often washes the car. 3.1. The car is often washed. 3.2. The car often gets washed
  4. Somebody hit the gangster. 4.1. The gangster was hit. 4.2. The gangster got hit
  5. Somebody broke the window. 5.1. The window was broken.5.2. The window got broken
  6. Somebody dropped the base.6.1. The vase was dropped.6.2. The vase got dropped
  7. Somebody always forgets the report. 7.1. The report is always forgotten.7.2. The report always gets forgotten
  8. Somebody turned off the washing machine. 8.1. The washing machine was turned off. 8.2. The washing machine got turned off
  9. Somebody stopped the music. 9.1. The music was stopped 9.2. The music got stopped.
  10. Somebody feeds the dog in the morning.10.1. The dog is fed in the morning. 10.2. The dog gets fed in the morning.
  11. Somebody stopped her at a traffic light.11.1. She was stopped at a traffic light. 11.2 She got stopped at a traffic light.
  12. Somebody ate all the cake. 12.1. All the cake was eaten. 12.2. All the cake got eaten
  13. Somebody left James behind. 13.1. James was left behind. 13.2. James got left behind
  14. Somebody collected the children. 14.1. The children were collected. 14.2. The children got collected.
  15. Someone is repairing the computer.15.1. The computer is being repaired. 15.2. The computer is getting repaired.
  16. Someone is making the coffee. 16.1. The coffee is being made. 16.2. The coffee is getting made.
  17. Someone damaged his car. 17.1 His car was damaged. 17.2. His car got damaged.
  18. Someone fired her. 18.1. She was fired.18.2. She got fired.
  19. Someone yells at them. 19.1. They were yelled at. 19.2. They get yelled at.
  20. Someone sent the children to bed.20.1. The children were sent to bed. 20.2. The children got sent to bed
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