56.- Present Perfect Tense with Since and For

Present Perfect Tense with Since and For
Rewrite the following sentences using since or for and the verb provided. You may have to change some of the words, but keep the same meaning.

Ex. Bill and Rita got married twenty years ago.
Bill and Rita have been married for twenty years. (be)

1. Jordan moved into this apartment in 2005. __________________________________________________________________________ (live) 2. Ellen and Rose met each other 40 years ago. __________________________________________________________________________ (know) 3. The teacher came to school at 8:00 this morning. __________________________________________________________________________ (be)
4. Robbie grew a beard six months ago. __________________________________________________________________________ (have) 5. Dennis bought his car four years ago. __________________________________________________________________________ (own) 6. Maria started to wear glasses when she was five years old. __________________________________________________________________________ (wear) 7. David fell in love with Patricia when they were teenagers. __________________________________________________________________________ (be)
8. Mark started to work at the bank three years ago. __________________________________________________________________________ (work) 9. Sam learned how to swim three years ago. __________________________________________________________________________ (know)

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