55.- Present Perfect Tense – Negative

Present Perfect Tense – Negative

A. Choose the correct verb from the list below to complete the following sentences. Put the verb in the negative form of the present prefect tense.
fix / begin / arrive / be / see / stop / speak / buy / read / visit
1. Mathew is waiting on the corner for his girlfriend, but she __________________ yet.
2. My brother lives in a different country. I _____________________ him for two years.
3. Ellie and Bill got a divorce five years ago. They ________________ to each other since then.
4. It is only 8:45. The class _____________________ yet.
5. It started to snow last night and it still __________________________.
6. She has finally decided which car she wants, but she ________________________ it yet.
7. I heard that the movie at the Roxy Theater is great , but I ______________________ it yet.
8. I bought a newspaper today, but I still ______________________ it.
9. He took his car to the service station yesterday, but they ____________________ it yet.
10.The Andersons moved out of New York ten years ago and they __________________ back to the city since then.

B. Match the questions on the left with the correct answer on the right.
1. Has he finished university yet?
2. Have you eaten breakfast yet?
3. Have they gotten married yet?
4. Has the president finished speaking yet? 5. Has Mary watered the plants yet?
6. Has the doctor seen you yet?
7. Has the sun come out yet?
8. Have they finished their homework yet? 9. Has the class begun yet?
10. Have you read the paper yet?

A) No, he hasn’t. He’s still talking.
B) No, I haven’t. My wife’s still reading it.
C) No, he hasn’t graduated yet.
D) No it hasn’t. The teacher isn’t here yet.
E) No, they haven’t finished yet.
F) No, they haven’t. They’re still engaged.
G) No, she hasn’t. They are still dry.
H) No, I haven’t. I’ll eat in a few minutes.
I) No, he hasn’t. He is with another patient.
J) No, it hasn’t. It’s still raining.

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