55.- Expressions with ‘make’ 2. Advanced(profesor)

Expressions with ‘make’ 2. Advanced

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.

It’s getting late. We should make _____ . (paths, tracks, ways)
Thanks to a private teacher Amaya has made a lot of _____ with her German. (forward, headway, progresses)
As soon as we got into the club we made a _____ for the bar. (beeline, flyline, mothline)
I had made such a _____ ear of my French essay that I decided to start all over again (cow’s, duck’s, pig’s)
It suddenly started to rain heavily while we were walking on the beach so we made a _____ for the car. (comeback, dash, hurry)
I’m really sorry I had to cancel our dinner date yesterday. How can I make _____? (amends, compensations, remedies)
What does this say, Anna? I can’t make head nor _____ of your handwriting. (foot, heel, tail)

1. tracks
2. headway
3. beeline
4. pig’s
5. dash
6. amends
7. tail

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