54. There is -There are

There is, there are

1. _________ a tree in our garden.

2. _________ a girl called Tabatah in my class.

3. _________ cows in the field.

4. _________ some very big ships in the harbor today.

5. _________ fish for dinner.

6. _________ a girl in my class who can walk on her hands.

7. _________ nothing to do when it rains.

8. _________ cat sitting on the bench.

9. In our park _________ some great things to play on.

10. In our park _________ a fountain where we can drink water.

11. _________ a computer in the classroom.

12. _________ some posters in my office.

13. _________ a CD player in my bedroom.

14. _________ 30 desks in the hotel.

15. _________ a blackboard in the classroom.

16. _________ some dictionaries in the library.

17. _________ some blue fish in the ocean.

18. _________ a tree in the field?

19. _________ any plants in that garden?

20. _________ a cinema in my town?

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