52.- ‘Rather than’ and ‘would rather’.1.

‘Rather than’ and ‘would rather’.1.

We can use ‘rather’ to compare things. There are two main structures.

  1. Rather than = more than / instead of. We usually use the infinitive without ‘to’ if we need a verb after ‘than’ here.
  2. She took a taxi rather than walk in the rain.
  3. He wants tea rather than coffee.
  4. Would rather = would prefer. We always use the infinitive without ‘to’ after this. We often shorten ‘would’ to ‘d. We can also use ‘than’ if we want to add another choice.
  5. A: Do you want to go to a restaurant? B: I would rather go home.
  6. I’d rather be a doctor than a dentist.

‘I’d rather not’ is also a polite way to say ‘no’. Let’s review! Put in ‘would rather’ or ‘rather than’.

  1. I ______________________________ go to Scotland than England this year.
  2. He wants water ______________________________ coke.
  3. She is going to study maths ______________________________ physics.
  4. She ______________________________ eat later.
  5. The children ______________________________ have ice cream.
  6. We can walk ______________________________ take the car.
  7. He ______________________________ stay at home today.
  8. We should do some exercise ______________________________ sit on the sofa all day!
  9. He eats vegetables ______________________________ meat.
  10. I _____________________ practise English than watch TV.
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