5.- Subjuntivo

Subjuntivo .

Hacer 1 verbo cada vez


1.Imperativo negativo


2.- Imperativo indirecto: Tell Tom to




3.- I want you to have everything you desire




4.- If I had to




5.- I would like you to have a new car


Me gustaría que tuvieras un coche nuevo


I don´t think they´ll leave the party so early.


No creo que se vayan de la fiesta tan pronto.


I´d like you to be here: Me gustaría que estuvieras aquí


I wish you were here: Ojalá estuvieras aquí.


I may take a taxi


You may take a taxi, but I don´t think you will make it to the meeting.


He may have taken a taxi


It´s too late

We may take a taxi

I may finish my work later/ next week


Puede que termine


He may finish his work by next month


We may finish


You may finish it on time Don´t give up keep going



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