5. Pretérito Perfecto 3



  1. I´m not going to tell you anything. I´m not going to say anything.


  1. What do you mean?


What do you mean by that?


  1. You (already) know what I mean.


  1. Why are you going to do that?


  1. Because I (always) do what I want


  1. Do you know what you´re saying?


  1. I´m just/simply/ telling the truth


  1. I´m feeling bad.   (I feel bad)


8.c Are you a friend of Peter´s?


  1. That´s because you eat too much.


  1. How do you know I eat too much?


  1. I have my (own) sources of information.


They´re spying on you?




  1. How many spies do you have in in the organization?


  1. Enough to know a lot of things.


  1. How does she feel?


  1. I think she´s getting better.


  1. Does she remember the accident?


  1. She doesn´t remember anything.


  1. Does she recognize people?


  1. When is she going to leave hospital?


  1. Are you going to operate on her?


  1. Do you let her family visit her?


  1. When are you going to check it?


  1. What do you do when you´re here?


I usually talk to a woman who has relatives in America


  1. Who has relatives in America?


  1. I have an uncle in Canada.





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