49.-There is are + left A2

1.  We can’t make a fire! – I am not surprised,  any matches left!

2.  Can I have some more, please? – Oh, what a pity!  any spaghetti left!

3.  The porter is waiting for a tip! – I see, but any money left!

4.  Can I wash my hands? – No, you can’t,  any soap left!

5.  She would like to make an apple-pie, but  any apples left!

6.  We need a nice cup of tea! – Well,  any tea left!

7.  I always sweeten my coffee, but  any sugar left!

8.  The boot is full! Look! – Don’t worry,  any luggage left!

9.  These exercises won’t be finished. – Of course, any time left!

10.  Will you make an omelette? – I’d like to, but  any eggs left!


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