48.-Imperfecto de indicativo 11. C1

Imperfecto de indicativo 11. C1

Cuando Lucinda vivía en Nueva York. Traduce las experiencias de Lucinda. Note that many of the statements express a customary or repeated action during the time she spent in the city.

  1. When I was twenty years old, I lived with my friends in New York City.___________________________________________________
  1. We have known each other since we were in kindergarten.
  1. Every mornig I went to y English class.


  1. Usally my class would end at noon.
  1. The weather was beautiful in spring.


  1. I liked New York.
  1. My friends and I lived near Chinatown.
  1. They worked for a Chilean company.


  1. I would often help with the household chores.


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