47. Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives (profesor)

Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives… soluciones


– ‘ Oh Leo, I’ve just had the most horrible nightmare I had ever had…

” The most horrible”=> is the superlative form of the “long” adjective “horrible”.

– I was with unknown kids who were as old as I was,

“As old as…”= comparative of equality of the short adjective “old”.

but not as old as you, you know!

“not as old as…” is the comparative of inequality of the short adjective “old”.

– I had to choose between three boxes: a very small one,

“A very small one” is the absolute comparative form of the adjective “small” expressing its tiny size.

a larger one,

“One” is an indefinite pronoun referring to “a box”. The short adjective is in the comparative of superiority.

and the hugest one which I couldn’t hold alone.

“Huge” is a short adjective in the superlative. The noun is neutral for “box”.

– I chose the medium one, but it was very heavy… I couldn’t lift it.

This is an absolute superlative used with “very”.

– Then, I tried to pick the smallest one,

The short adjective “small” is put in the superlative, adding -est to the adjective. => “the smallest… “

but it was even heavier than the middle one.

“Heavier than” is the comparative of superiority of the adjective “heavy”, ending with a “y” and following the pattern – Consonant- Vowel- Consonant. “Y” will be transformed into “i”.

– Finally, I started running but a dark-haired girl was running faster than me and ran away.

“Fast” is a short adjective in the comparative of superiority=> “faster than”.

– A very tall boy was coming to me
“Very tall” is the absolute superlative of the short adjective “tall”.

in the strangest way, like in slow motion and started addressing me but I couldn’t understand what he was saying.
“Strange” is a short adjective. Here it is in the superlative form=> “the shortest way”.

– He spoke louder than before
“Loud” is a short adjective. Here, it is in the comparative of superiority=> “louder than”.

and much more distinctly. Yet, I couldn’t understand a word.

The adverb “distinctly” is used in the comparative form. The other element of the comparison is not repeated in that segment of the sentence(“than before”).

– Then, he tried to grab me and I started running as further thanas far as I could,
“Running as fast as…” expresses a comparative of equality.

and most safe asas safely as I could,
Here, the (long) adverb is in the comparative of equality again. The result is unchanged=> “as safely as”.

but less efficiently than I expected.
“Less efficiently than” is the comparative of inferiority.

I couldn’t go farther than the door and yelled so loud that I awoke, in a sweat.
I hate having nightmares…’

“Farther than” is the irregular comparative of superiority of the short adjective “far”.

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