46. Adverbs : Till – Until- As far as – Up to 

Adverbs : Till – Until- As far as – Up to



  1. Could you drive me              the post-office please?

    2. John cried                          he fell asleep.

    3. He was covered with mud                  his neck.

    4. I take the dog for a walk                    the bridge.

    5. This cottage may cost                  800€ a week if you want to spend your holidays there.

    6. We wanted to go                  the church but Marie was too tired.

    7. My brother lived with us                      last July.

    8. The policemen found                  75 weapons in his garage.

    9. This premature baby must stay in the hospital                  he grows up.

    10. His house is surrounded by fields                      the eye can see.



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