45. Adverbs : Till-until, up to, as far as

Till-until, up to, as far as


  1. The winner of the competition can win                $20,000.

    2. He can’t be the murderer; he stayed at home                5 pm.

    3. I’m tired; could you drive me                        my workplace ?

    4. The doctor took the injured man                  the emergency room.

    5. The statue of Zeus was covered with gold from head                 feet.

    6. Yesterday,we studied our lessons                        midnight.

    7. He repeated his lesson                        he knew it by heart.

    8. You have to walk                          the airport if you want to be on time.

    9. In this casino you can bet                          $1,000,000.

    10. Please,could you stay with my daughter                      I come back ?




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