44. To – Till-until – Up to – As far as : time, distance, quanti

To – Till-until – Up to – As far as : time, distance, quanti


  1. Mum, you can only drive me to school                the ‘no entry’ street. Then, I’ll walk with Sally.

    2. Yes, my school closes at 6.30 pm, but on Saturdays, it’s only open               one o’clock.

    3. There can be                   39 pupils in a High school class in France.

    4. During the Second World War, women used to work to replace the men at war, all women,                   the future Queen herself.

    5. All over Europe, for serious overspeeding, the fine you may get may reach                    thousands of Euros.

    6. I haven’t met him                   but I’m quite impatient!

    7. We can only ride our bikes there                  the pond; once there, we’ll have to walk for an hour.

    8. For such an operation, she’ll have to stay in hospital for                 three weeks.

    9. There were                    500 people who watched the play I had rehearsed for months…

    10. This classic car can be worth                   a flat! Clearly, he can’t afford it.


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