42.- Comparative A1/A2 (profesor)

Comparative 1 soluciones



  1. A tortoise is not (+ fast) faster than a rabbit.

    2. There is nothing (+ good) better than success.

    3. This exercise is (+ easy) easier than the others.

    4. My mother is (+ young) younger than my father.

    5. Today, the weather is (+ bad) worse than yesterday.

    6. For some people, reading is (- interesting) less interesting than using a computer.

    7. Old people are (+ wise) wiser than young people.

    8. The school is (+ far) farther away than the market.
    Rule: “further” ne peut pas être utilisé ici, car il y a référence à une distance.

    9. These shoes are (+ big) bigger than your feet.

    10. Our house is (+ expensive) more expensive than my father’s car.

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