41.- To be riddled with. Advanced.

To be riddled with. Advanced.


To riddle » to pass something through a “riddle” (old English for a type of mesh or sieve used to separate corn from chaff); to make a lot of holes

= cribar, pasar por una criba o escogedor, acribillar


To be riddled with » to be full of holes or an insect or other

creature or thing that makes these holes, i.e.

worms, moths, bullets; to be infested with

= estar plagado de, estar lleno de, estar

acribillado con/ de






  1. The window frames are riddled with woodworm.

Los marcos de las ventanas están plagados de carcoma.


  1. He didn’t look after his jumpers and in the autumn he found them riddled with moth holes.

No cuidaba sus jerséis y en el otoño los encontró llenos de agujeros de las polillas.


  1. Children’s hair is often riddled with nits.

Frecuentemente el cabello de los niños está plagado de liendres.


  1. When the battle was over, a lot of soldiers were left dying on the battlefield riddled with bullets.

Cuando terminó la batalla, muchos soldados se quedaban muriéndose en el campo de batalla acribillados a balazos.

  1. In the sixties the Ford Factory in Dagenham was riddled with communists.

En los años sesenta la Factoría Ford en Dagenham estaba plagada de comunistas.



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