Dictado: a drone .B1.3 (profesor)


Hello is that the toy department?
Oh hello, I wonder if you can help me. I bought my son a drone for Christmas
from your shop and it doesn’t work properly. I’d like to bring it back and change
Well, it starts up. You know the light goes on and the propeller starts moving
and it makes a noise, but it doesn’t get off the ground. It doesn’t move at all in
the air.
Yes, I’ve checked the batteries and I’ve tried new ones.
Yes, I’ve got the receipt. Erm….just a second I’ll check on the box. It’s the
Superflight model and the model number is MBL3752.
It cost 64.99, but I don’t want a refund, I just want to change it for one that
Ok. Great. I’ll see you this afternoon then. Thanks a lot. Bye!


1. What did the man buy from the shop? 

2. Who did he buy it for?

3. What is wrong with the object?

4. What’s the model number?

5. How much did the man pay for the object?


1. A drone
2. His son
3. It doesn’t fly. It doesn’t get off the ground.
4. MBL3752
5. 64.99

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