38. Past simple – Present perfect (simple – continuous) 16

Past simple – Present perfect (simple – continuous)



  1. Rafael             (go) shopping for me yesterday.2. Sandra            (lend) her brother `£200 so far.3. The policeman         (drive) away ten minutes ago.

    4. The biscuit factory        (close) down last year.

    5. She’s very red. I think she        (lie) in the sun.

    6. Ron            (just/ pass) his driving test.

    7. Karen              (study) Italian for three years now and is still studying.

    8. The Headmaster         (come) to this school in 2004.

    9. Jack            (try) to get a job for six months, but is still unemployed.

    10. The teacher          (already / tell) him to be quiet.

    11. Tim                (not/take) many photos yet.

    12. Oh no! I            (leave) my purse at home.

    13. They           (fall) in love with each other at first sight 2 years ago.

    14. I don’t want to have a bath because I          (just / have) a shower.

    15. I’m sorry I                  (forget) your name. What did you say it was?

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