38. Past simple – Present perfect (simple – continuous) 16 A1/ A2 (profesor)

Past simple – Present perfect (simple – continuous) SOLUCIONES



  1. Rafael went(go) shopping for me yesterday.2. Sandra

    has lent(lend) her brother `£200 so far.3. The policeman

    drove (drive) away ten minutes ago.4. The biscuit factory

    closed(close) down last year.5. She’s very red. I think she

    has been lying (lie) in the sun.6. Ron

    has just passed (just/ pass) his driving test.7. Karen

    has been studying (study) Italian for three years now and is still studying.8. The Headmaster

    came (come) to this school in 2004.9. Jack

    has been trying (try) to get a job for six months, but is still unemployed.10. The teacher

    has already told (already / tell) him to be quiet.11. Tim

    has not taken (not/take) many photos yet.12. Oh no! I

    have left (leave) my purse at home.13. They

    fell (fall) in love with each other at first sight 2 years ago.14. I don’t want to have a bath because I

    have just had (just / have) a shower.15. I’m sorry I

    have forgotten (forget) your name. What did you say it was?

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