35.Present continuous or present simple.13 A1/A2 (profesor)

Present continuous or present simple.13 SOLUCIONES


  1. The train always leaves(leave) on time.

    2. ‘What’s the matter? Why are you crying(cry/you)?’

    3. That’s strange. They are not watching(not to watch) TV.

    4. He does not speak (not to speak) very good English.

    5. Please be quiet! I am doing (do) my homework.

    6. Where do they live (live/they)?

    7. Listen! John is playing music! (play)

    8. I never go (go) to the swimming pool.

    9. Harold Black’s a famous pianist. He gives (give) two or three concerts every week.

    10. He travels (travel) a lot and this week he’s in New York.

    11. Today he is staying (stay) at an expensive hotel.

    12. He’s at his hotel now. He is having (have) breakfast in the dining-room.

    13. He is drinking (drink) a cup of coffee

    14. and he is reading (read) a newspaper.

  2. Harold’s always very busy. He 
    plays(play) the piano regularly.

    16. He practises(practise) for four hours every day.

    17. He goes (go) to bed late

    18. and he always gets up (get up) early.

    19. But he sometimes gets dressed (get dressed) too quickly,

    20. and this morning he is wearing (wear) one blue sock and one red sock!


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