34.-Verbs + Prepositions 1. First Certificate

Verbs + Prepositions 1. First.

Verbs that can be followed by different prepositions. 

Let’s talk about verbs that sometimes have different prepositions. 

Ask someone for = try to get something · 

She asked him for a glass of water. 

Ask someone about = try to get information about · 

Ask someone about: She asked him about his work. 

Agree with someone = have the same opinion as someone · I agree with you. You’re right.

Agree about something = have the same opinion about a certain topic · I agree about the meal. We should have Italian food. 

Throw something at someone = try to hit someone or something · She threw a shoe at the mouse. 

Throw something to someone = throw something so that someone can catch it · Throw to: She threw the ball to the child. 

Pay for = give money for the thing you bought · He paid for the coffee. 

Pay by = this talks about how you paid (notice we say ‘in cash’) · Pay by: He paid by credit card. 

Hear of = have heard the name of a famous person or place before · Have you heard of Jane Austen? 

Hear about = hear news about something · Hear about: Have you heard about the new restaurant? 

Let’s review! Put in the correct preposition. 

1. Have you heard _______________ Elvis Presley? 

2. The child threw the ball _______________ the dog and the dog caught it. 

3. She heard _______________ the new project from me. 

4. Do you agree _______________ me? 

5. He asked her _______________ a sandwich. 

6. Could you pay _______________ the ice creams? 

7. She paid _______________ credit card. 

8. He threw the ball _______________ the target. 

9. She asked me _______________ my children. 

10. Everyone agreed _______________ the project dates. 

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