34.-Verbs + Prepositions 1. First Certificate (profesor)

Verbs + Prepositions 1. First.

Verbs that can be followed by different prepositions. 

Let’s talk about verbs that sometimes have different prepositions. 

Ask someone for = try to get something · 

She asked him for a glass of water. 

Ask someone about = try to get information about · 

Ask someone about: She asked him about his work. 

Agree with someone = have the same opinion as someone · I agree with you. You’re right.

Agree about something = have the same opinion about a certain topic · I agree about the meal. We should have Italian food. 

Throw something at someone = try to hit someone or something · She threw a shoe at the mouse. 

Throw something to someone = throw something so that someone can catch it · Throw to: She threw the ball to the child. 

Pay for = give money for the thing you bought · He paid for the coffee. 

Pay by = this talks about how you paid (notice we say ‘in cash’) · Pay by: He paid by credit card. 

Hear of = have heard the name of a famous person or place before · Have you heard of Jane Austen? 

Hear about = hear news about something · Hear about: Have you heard about the new restaurant? 

Let’s review! Put in the correct preposition. 

1. Have you heard _______________ Elvis Presley? 

2. The child threw the ball _______________ the dog and the dog caught it. 

3. She heard _______________ the new project from me. 

4. Do you agree _______________ me? 

5. He asked her _______________ a sandwich. 

6. Could you pay _______________ the ice creams? 

7. She paid _______________ credit card. 

8. He threw the ball _______________ the target. 

9. She asked me _______________ my children. 

10. Everyone agreed _______________ the project dates. 

Answers 1. Have you heard of Elvis Presley? 2. The child threw the ball to the dog and the dog caught it. 3. She heard about the new project from me. 4. Do you agree with me? 5. He asked her for a sandwich. 6. Could you pay for the ice creams? 7. She paid by credit card. 8. He threw the ball at the target. 9. She asked me about my children. 10. Everyone agreed about the project dates.

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