34. Be going to – Will 11 

Be going to – Will 11


  1. In ten years, I                          (to be) the best singer.

    2. A : « Did you invite John to your wedding ? » / B : « -Oh, I forgot ! I                       (to phone) him now. »

    3. Nobody in Doug’s team can play soccer. They                     (to lose) that match.

    4. I have bought a new car. I                           (to drive) it.

    5. A : « Look, there’s a lot of smoke there ! » / B : « Damned, I                     (to call) the firemen immediately. »

    6. A : « Would you prefer coffee or a cake ? » / B : « I                       (to have) some coffee, please. »

    7. I don’t think this girl                         (to sing) tonight.

    8. This morning, I listened to the radio. The weather   (to be) nice for the weekend.

    9. We are late and it’s 10 o’clock ! We                               (to miss) our plane !

    10. What                             (you/to sing) for the party? Probably something well-known.


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