31.-Before – In front of – Opposite…First Certifiate(profesor)

1. I’m to meet her tomorrow at ten in front of  the post office. If you want to see her, be on time! 

2. ‘Kevin, what’s the letter which is just before  ‘H’ in the alphabet?’ It’s ‘G’, of course…’

3. My house is easy to find… It’s just opposite  the entrance to the park!

4. If you don’t look  in front of you, you will fall… 

5. Try to get there an hour early … before  lunch time, at the latest…

6. Brian is sitting before  me, in class, and is so tall that I can’t see what’s written on the board…

7. I had seen her before  seeing her father !

8. Sit opposite  your friend and let’s have a real explanation! 

9. When facing  too much stress, she gets flustered, flushes and stammers…

10. Look at Robert! He’s just in front of  the toy store!

11. ‘Today, before  all the personalities who fought for this cause, I ‘m honoured to declare the opening of this exhibition!

12. Stand before  Paul and don’t look back!

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