30.- Estar enfadado en inglés. First.

Five alternatives to “angry”.


1.- Cross.


Please don´t get cross with me. I didn´t mean to hurt your feelings.

OJO: no digas “I´m crossed with you”. Estar enfadado To be cross.

I´m cross with you. Ahora sí.


2.- Fuming


Of course I´m fuming, I flew first class and the airline lost my luggage!




My neighbour is enraged at our noisy parties. We´d better stop them for a while!




I broke my sister´s computer. She´s furius!


5.- See red


If I don´t finish this report soon , my boss will see red!


  1. Mad.

I´m mad at you. ( I´m angry with/at you) las dos me valen … peroooo but….   Mad siempre lleva “at”

Why are you so mad at me?





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