Dictado Paul Forrester B1 (profesor)

Paul Forrester

Hi, I’m Paul and I’m from London. I was born in South London, but
now I live in North London with my girlfriend in a small flat.
I’m a nurse in a home for the elderly, which sounds a bit strange
because not many young men choose to do this sort of work, you
know, taking care of old people.
But I really love my job. It’s not easy at times and you need a lot
of patience, especially with residents who have special needs. But
I really feel I’m helping them and that’s extremely rewarding.
I spend the whole day here, from 7am until 5pm and we all have
lunch together in the residence dining room.
I work 5 days a week, but that includes Saturdays, so can I take
Mondays off instead. I often do the shopping on Mondays and clean
the flat. My girlfriend works on Mondays. But we spend Sundays
together and we usually go hiking.


1. Where does Paul live?

2. What does Paul do for a living?

3. What does he like about his job?

4. What time does Paul start work?

5. Where does he usually have lunch?

6. What does he often do on Sunday?


1. North London
2. He’s a nurse in a home for the elderly
3. Helping people
4. At 7 o’clock
5. In the residence dining room
6. He goes hiking with his girlfriend

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