29.- Ejercicio modales: mustn’t and don’t have to. First Certificate

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Write ‘mustn’t’, ‘doesn’t have to’, or ‘don’t have to’ in the gaps. 




1.  Dylan is allergic to strawberries. He ____________ eat them.


2.  We ____________ win this match as we’ve already won the league.


3.  Julia ____________ come shopping with us. She can stay at home if she wants.


4.  The app is free. You ____________ pay for it


5.   You ____________ be late for work again or the boss will fire you.


6.  Maria ____________ give me the money today. She can pay me tomorrow.


7.   You ____________ sit so close to the television. It’s bad for your eyes.


8.  Children under three have free admission to the zoo.  They  ____________ pay.


9.  Thanks but your mum ____________ drive us to the airport. John’s taking us.


10. I ____________ forget to phone Betty later. It’s her birthday.

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