29.- Ejercicio modales musn´t don´t have to (profesor)

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Write ‘mustn’t’, ‘doesn’t have to’, or ‘don’t have to’ in the gaps. 



1.  Dylan is allergic to strawberries. He ____________ eat them.

2.  We ____________ win this match as we’ve already won the league.

3.  Julia ____________ come shopping with us. She can stay at home if she wants.

4.  The app is free. You ____________ pay for it

5.   You ____________ be late for work again or the boss will fire you.

6.  Maria ____________ give me the money today. She can pay me tomorrow.

7.   You ____________ sit so close to the television. It’s bad for your eyes.

8.  Children under three have free admission to the zoo.  They  ____________ pay.

9.  Thanks but your mum ____________ drive us to the airport. John’s taking us.

10. I ____________ forget to phone Betty later. It’s her birthday.


1. mustn’t

2. don’t have to

3. doesn’t have to

4. don’t have to

5. mustn’t

6. doesn’t have to

7. mustn’t

8. don’t have to

9. doesn’t have to

10. mustn’t

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