28. Future : will or going to 6 

Future : will or going to 6


  1. Why are you turning on the TV?                       (I/ watch) the match.

    2. Sarah called you one hour ago. Ok,                     (I/ call) her back.

    3. Where are you going?                         (I/ watch) a movie at the cinema.

    4. Be quiet please , the baby’s sleeping!                       (you/ wake) him up.

    5. Can you take me to the airport tomorrow? No problem                       (I/take) you at 9 pm.

    6. I’ve decided to change the colour of my bedroom, What colour                             (you/ paint) it?

    7. Sarah has been in hospital since Monday,                        (I/ visit) her tomorrow.

    8. Oh, I haven’t got money with me. Don’t worry                 (I/ lend) you 20 dollars.

    9. I’ve got a headache,                     (I/ take) an aspirin.

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