28.-Dictado: I´m Game (profesor)

28.-I´m Game

I’m game
Neil is dying for a game of squash after work and he is going to ask Li if she is up for it. Do you think Li is game? Listen and find out.
Welcome to The English We Speak, I’m Li. With me here is Neil.
Hello everybody.
Hi Neil, you look very sporty today! Going to the gym?
Not exactly, but I’m dying for a game of squash after work. I’ve brought all my gear, I’ve booked the court, but I have no one to play against. Are you game, Li?
Am I game? What are you talking about Neil? Of course I’m not a ‘game’, I’m ‘Li’! My name is Li.
Well, I thought you knew this expression. The word ‘game’ doesn’t just refer to sports or activities. If someone asks you if ‘you are game,’ they want to know whether you are willing to try something; whether you are interested in doing something fun or unusual.
I see. So you can use the word ‘game’ as an adjective as well as a noun?
That’s right. Let’s look at some examples:
So many people in England are fans of football; they all love the game.
Sam is brilliant at board games.
A: I’m going to have a fancy dress party next Saturday. Would you like to come?
B: Hey thanks! Yes, I’d love to. I’m game for a laugh.
A: Hey Brian, I’m organising a football match between the managers and the workers, do you want to play?
B: Sure, count me in. I’m game.
So, how about playing squash this evening: I’ve got two rackets here. Are you game?
Oh, well, I’m not sure. I’ve not played squash for a long time.Sorry no, I don’t think I am game!
That’s a pity. Maybe another time. But at least we have taught a useful English expression.
Yes we have, Neil. Enjoy your game. Bye for now!

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