26.Indirect questions 7

Indirect questions 7

1. “Excuse me. How do you get to the post office from here?”
“Could you tell us _______________________ ?”
A. ? how do you get to the post office
B. ? how to get to the post office
C. ? to get to the post office
2. “What are you doing?!”
“Do you have any idea _______________________ ?!”
A. ? what you do
B. ? what you are doing
C. ? what are you doing
3. “What’s the the matter?”
Please tell me _______________________ .”
A. ? what is the matter
B. ? what’s the matter
C. ? what the matter is

4. “Could you lend me 50 Euros?”
“Is there any chance _______________________ ?”
A. ? could you borrow me 50 Euros
B. ? you could lend me 50 Euros
C. ? you lend me 50 Euros
5. “Are you coming to the party?”
“Can you let me know if _______________________ ?”
A. ? to come to the party
B. ? are you coming to the party
C. ? you are coming to the party
6. “What time are you leaving?”
“Do you know _______________________ ?”
A. ? what hour are you leaving
B. ? what time you are leaving
C. ? what time are you leaving
7. “Has she reached a decision yet?”
“Has she told you whether _______________________ ?”
A. ? have made a decision yet
B. ? she’s made a decision yet
C. ? has she made a decision yet
8. “Does Susana like classical music?”
“I can’t remember if _______________________ .”
A. ? Susana likes classical music
B. ? does Susana like classical music
C. ? classical music Susana likes
9. “Where’s the station?”
“Can you tell me _______________________ ?”
A. ? where be the station
B. ? where the station is
C. ? where is the station
10. “Could you take me to the airport?”
“Is there any chance _______________________ ?”
A. ? you could take me to the airport
B. ? that you take me to the airport
C. ? could you take me to the airport
11. “Does Annie know about computers?”
“I wonder whether _______________________ .”
A. ? does Annie know about computers
B. ? Annie know about computers
C. ? Annie knows about computers
12. “How long does it take to get there?”
“Do you know _______________________ ?”
A. ? how long it take to get there
B. ? how many time does it take to get there
C. ? how long it takes to get there
13. “How does it work?”
“Can you explain _______________________ ?”
A. ? how it work
B. ? how can it work
C. ? how it works
14. “Where are you from?”
“I’d like to know _______________________ .”
A. ? where you are from
B. ? where are you from
C. ? where’re you from

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