26. Future : will – be going to 4 

Future : will – be going to 4

They                  watch music videos on MTV this afternoon.

  1. 2. We                     go to the shopping centre to see our favourite rappers.

    3. Wait for me! I                      go with you.

    4. If you visit the shopping malls, you                  see the influence of rap on teen style.

    5. I promise I                give you your favourite CD.

    6. I think he                 win the contest next year.

    7. I                      do my best, I promise.

    8. I love America. I                       go there next week.

    9. Have you phoned Jim? No, I forgot. I              phone him later.

    10. This is my last day at school here. I                       go back to the Algarve tomorrow.

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