169.- Prepositions of Time A2

Prepositions of Time

In, at, on and no preposition with time words:

Prepositions of time – here’s a list of the time words that need ‘on’, ‘in’, ‘at’ and some that don’t need any preposition. Be careful – many students of English use ‘on’ with months (it should be ‘in’), or put a preposition before ‘next’ when we don’t need one.


times: at 8pm, at midnight, at 6:30
holiday periods: at Christmas, at Easter
at night
at the weekend
at lunchtime, at dinnertime, at breakfast time
days: on Monday, on my birthday, on Christmas Day
days + morning / afternoon / evening / night: on Tuesday morning
dates: on the 20th of June
years: in 1992, in 2006
months: in December, in June
decades: in the sixties, in the 1790s
centuries: in the 19th century
seasons: in (the) winter, in (the) summer. Aquí “ the” es opcional…
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening
next week, year, month etc
last night, year etc
this morning, month etc
every day, night, years etc
today, tomorrow, yesterday
Por favor,…..
Cuando quieras decir : La semana que viene, no digas
“The” next week……NOOOOO.

La semana que viene. Next week……√√√√√

The next week:: Sólo se usa si estás hablando de un grupo de semanas …. Normalmente en el pasado ( no queremos pillarlos los dedos= to be on the safe side). Y por eso ponemos: Se usa normalmente en el pasado.

The next week = a la semana siguiente….
¿Cómo jugó Nadal el último Roland Garros?
La primera semana fue dura con algunos contratiempos…
The first week was tough and he had a couple of setbacks…bla bla bla…..

A la semana siguiente, ganaba todos los partidos con enorme facilidad… The next week….

The next week…..Ves? existir… existe…. Pero no significa : La semana que viene…

La semana que viene paso a verte
Next week I’ll come (and) see you. “And “ opcional en este caso.

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